Events By Idea is proud to be family-owned and operated! Our company is headquartered in Newport, Oregon, and we operate in several markets throughout the U.S.

Our Birth

We are an extension of our parent co., Idea Print Works. Idea Print Works was founded 1979 in Newport. It is a reputable company, as the owners and operators have remained true to their roots by supporting local communities and providing exceptional services. Idea Print Works primarily specializes in silk screening and embroidery.

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Idea saw a need to expand into a market overwhelmed by subpar and mediocre vendor experience.

Over the years, Events By Idea has created lasting memories for thousands of families and has built many relationships with clients. It is our mission to embellish the customers’ experience and eliminate the hassle of pre-ordering merchandise.

How Do We Do This?

It’s simple. We listen to you! We understand your needs and through our expertise, the needs of your customers.

How Can You Help?

We encourage all feedback! We continuously work on upholding high service standards and our improving customers’ experience and satisfaction; therefore, your voice matters! Please send suggestions or feedback to email@eventsbyidea.com


What We Offer

  • Event to event agreements
  • Wide variety of garments to choose from
  • Cutting edge designs created specifically for the event
  • Performance gear
  • Huge inventory of Tie Dye garments
  • No secrets: we will provide our total sales and write a commission check directly off that number
  • No surprises: Our sales staff is very well trained and extremely well versed in their ability to handle themselves professionally and ethically no matter the situation
  • Commission check sent no later than one week following the event
  • Event packages specifically designed to fit your needs
  • Commissions of either our total gross sales or a percentage of profits
  • Optional cash guarantee
  • Free staff shirts
  • Up to 3 different event logos designed per event with a minimum of 3 colors up to 6 colors
  • Roster for the backs of shirts of all athletes participating
  • Embroidered hats, beanies and jackets

Ways we make you more money: Raffles & Merchandise

  • We will either raffle off our display merchandise at the end of the event or donate a few items out of our store to generate more excitement of our awesome gear. This is also a great way to make up to $500 in additional revenue.

  • Once you book an event through Idea, we will automatically give you a cash credit of up to $500 towards your next silk screening or embroidery order.

Bottom Line:

  • You never have to fear the inevitable. All liability is on us. Rain out, on us. Half the teams show up, we eat the extra cost. You just didn’t project properly when giving us sizes, still on us!

  • We eliminate all of the guess work

  • No more choosing styles. Lets face it, the youth of our generation seems to come out with a new trend each month. How can you keep up? Let us do that for you! We will bring out 15+ different items that will be sure to engulf every branch of participant at your event.

  • You will make more money. Guaranteed.

Idea has been around for a long time and is here to stay for good. If you are looking for a company that will truly partner with you and your club, Idea is the right choice every time.

We are a company that is creative, athletic, innovative and know when styles come and go. We are full of energy, hard working, easy going and always find ourselves going above and beyond for our customers. We are in this for the long haul and will continue to become the standard in the way events should be ran by every other vendor out there.

Divisions of the Company

  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Banners
  • Stickers
  • Decals
  • Art Designs
  • Contract Printing
  • Web Design


  • Covering up to 10 locations per event
  • 12 color, 14 station automatic screen printing press
  • Print capacity: 12,000 shirts per day
  • Able to confidently print on all types of surfaces
  • 13 fully operational embroidery heads
  • 2 in house artists ready to create anything that comes to mind


  • In-house experience spanning over 3 decades
  • Coast to coast credibility
  • Transfers that are guaranteed not to peel, crack, blister or bleed for 1 year
  • Unmatched customer service

This is our very own hand made hoodie. We had it custom built for the athlete.

  • 100% breathable, making it the first of its kind
  • Contrast color hoodie insert
  • 100% polyester shell, making it simple to be printed or embroidered
  • Fleece-lined on the inside for extreme comfortability
  • Overlapping neck collar for added warmth and style
  • Color availability: tri blend black, tri blend purple, tri blend sea foam green and tri blend corral
  • Soon to be your favorite hoodie!