Events By Idea is a primary source of stress relief for event directors nationwide. Time and time again, new clients are surprised to find that they make more money using our services and have the ability to focus directly on managing the event as a whole. As a result, spectators, fans, parents, and athletes leave the event excited to return the following year. It is never our goal is to take money out of your pocket, but to increase sales, that in turn, will yield higher profits.
Pretty simple, actually. We ask for the rights to your event name, as well as, the rights to merchandise and apparel sales pertaining to your event. In return, we pay a negotiated percentage of our total sales back to you! To sum it up: Not only is our service free, but it is also a way to get money back into your pocket.
Our company is headquartered in Newport, Oregon, but our capabilities are nationwide! We have offices in Oakhurst, CA; Denver, CO; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; and Phoenix, AZ. Currently offices are being established in Bloomington, IN and Minneapolis, MN. We are continuing to grow and may have an office in a city near you, very soon! We are a mobile company, which provides an advantage to you. We are capable of traveling anywhere that makes sense, and we are open to discussing ALL possibilities.
Yes, we have traveled across the country to service events both far and wide. The farthest event we have traveled to date has been a 2,400-mile round trip. Still think yours is too far away?
Planning for these events is something that we have down to a science. An advance notice is preferred, however, we have pulled off several events with only two days’ notice. Service is our vision, and we won’t sleep until your event is taken care of. That’s an Idea promise.
All of them! We are experienced in servicing events with multiple locations. Most often, we easily cover 2-3 sites per event with no additional cost or planning. We have the resources and equipment to cover up to 10 locations per event. Talk with a representative and see if this is a cost effective route for your next event!
Our process is Simple and Fast! 7 seconds per press and each transfer is peeled right away – no cooling down process required. A single-staffed event is capable of producing 40-60 custom printed shirts per hour, totaling 300-400 shirts in a typical day. During the busiest events, we are fully capable and prepared to service 300 shirts per hour, totaling no less than 3,000 shirts per day.
If you’d like to provide the art for your event, we’d would love to use it! You can send it via email as a Vector File for exact print or provide approval to modify the art into a shirt ready design. If you do not have your own art, no problem. In fact, the creativity of our in-house artists is truly remarkable. A masterpiece is designed for every individual event, year to year. We always design with a date, so that the following year the design will be completely different. Oh, and by the way, the art/design is absolutely FREE! Have no clue on what you’re looking for? Provide a focal point or color scheme, and our artists will do the rest! We are awesome at what we do. One of our specialties is creating cutting-edge designs that keep customers coming back year after year!
Free. There is absolutely no charge to you or your club. On the contrary, we will actually pay YOU! How can we afford to do this? Simple. We are always looking to establish healthy and sustainable partnerships. We are in this for the long haul!
Posted by admin on November 11, 2016 For us to be successful we will need the following from you: • Art approval • Roster submission no later than 5 days prior to the event • 110V power source on an independent circuit • Tables, if available • And most importantly, a premier spot for set-up! The last point is crucial. Our success depends on a good location. A high traffic area is where our setup will get the most exposure. Typical hot spots include: • Concession Stands • Event Director Booths • Vendor Villages • Central Entry Points We will also ask for your help in promoting the event prior, during, and in some cases after the event. Remember that this is a partnership. The more we make, the more you make!
Never. In fact, Events by Idea is the only company around that offers a true transfer guarantee! Traditional transfers have earned the reputation of peeling or cracking after just two to three washes. We are so confident in our silk-screened transfers that we offer a 1-year guarantee that covers any defect in the form of blistering, peeling, or cracking. We will replace the garment 100% of the time. We have built our reputation on quality products and services. We believe that our customers deserve the best!